About this software

cmGuard is part of ControlMoney© our money transfer product used in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Within ControlMoney we have created a search algorithm over sanction lists including the process of actualization of such lists.

We believe many money transfer and non money transfer customers will be in need of this simple and powerful tool for day to day transactions.
We have released this tool for free (with some ads) there is also a paid version with unlimited searches and no ads available in iTunes.

How it works
On the search screen you may choose the list or search all lists and select the sensibility level

Sensibility level
Let say you are looking for "John Doe".
With 100%, only matches including "John Doe" will appear on the results, like "John Stuart Doe" or "John Doe Smith"

If you choose 50% (lowest sensibility level available) you will have more matches with some different wording like "John Deo" or "Jhon Doe"

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